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Mongameli Bobani says there is a new sheriff in town and his administration is moving on

Sep 7, 2018
Mongameli Bobani says there is a new sheriff in town and his administration is moving on

New Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, who replaced his one-time boss, Athol Trollip, following a dramatic turn of events on Monday last week, on Friday addressed Council for the first time as Mayor.

Bobani was once the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Deputy Executive Mayor under a coalition agreement between the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the United Democratic Movement (UDM). However, that deal went sour less than a year into the coalition leading to Bobani’s ouster.

That led to a 12-month political rivalry that culminated in last week’s events that led to Bobani replacing Trollip as Mayor.

On Friday, he told Council that there is a new Sheriff in town and that his administration was moving on despite the DA and its other coalition partners launching a court bid to overturn his election.

“While some pretend to be Mayors and pretend to be in charge, we move on," he told Council.

"We are not going to wait for the courts, as government we move on. The unions have welcomed us, we are in government we move on. I would like us to move on by seriously considering the items in the agenda today."

Bobani said that the issue of labour brokers is non-negotiable and a resolution that the Metro stops using them must be implemented.

"There's no one that's above the council. It's the final board and we'll deal with you," he said.

The new Mayor said that his administration will focus on getting things done at home – adding that no international flights will happen going forward, claiming that the DA led coalition were just ‘jet setters’.

"I would like us to consider items in the agenda and fulfil roles as councillors. Most importantly, we must ensure the power of the people is important. We must go to our people and no longer want them to come to us, find problems and assist them," he added.

"Within a short space of time we'll invite the media to inform them on strategic projects we're working on and move on".

While the DA and its coalition partners announced that they will boycott this Council meeting, which they labelled as 'illegitimate', two DA councillors showed up to everyone's surprise.

The DA-led coalition has since lost two more Councillors.