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More calls for DA to investigate “sex scandal”

More calls for DA to investigate “sex scandal”

The Commission for Gender Equality has called for an urgent investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by senior Democratic Alliance (DA) male figures.

Speaking in a statement, Commission Spokesperson Javu Baloyi said that claims made in an anonymous email that five members, including Parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane, were having sexual relations with certain female party members, was “being viewed in a serious light” and that the party only looking for the email’s origin and not investigating the allegations, was a cause for concern.

“It is wrong of the DA to say it will not investigate the allegations. The onus is on the DA to do what is right, not on the women,” he told CityPress.

“The DA is supposed to set an example, and prove the allegations as false, even if the party believes that it is a smear campaign”.

Addressing the claims, DA Federal Chairperson James Selfe told the paper on Tuesday that the email was nothing but smear campaign to discredit the party ahead of its elective conference in Port Elizabeth this coming weekend, and that calling for an investigation would be “waste of resources”.

Purportedly linked to the allegations, The Cape Argus has reported that an unmanned MP appeared before the party’s Federal Legal Commission after being accused of forcing a female staffer to touch his “private parts” during the party’s street protest in the Cape Town CBD ahead of President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address in February.

“The FLC has held a hearing into the matter, but I have not yet received its findings. The findings and, if applicable, sanction will have to be considered in due course by the federal executive,” Selfe told the paper.

DA’s Women’s Network interim leader Denise Robinson has meanwhile descried the email as “absolute rubbish” and that anyone “with an axe to grind should do it properly [instead] of spreading rumours and allegations”.

“You are not just going to get into Parliament or even be a councillor, if you happen to sleep with somebody. People are not elected to office just because of their personal relationships,” Robinson said.

“It is not up to the Women’s Network to go out on a witch-hunt. There have been conversations with the women who have been named. We are asking the author to come forward, to follow the rules and procedures and lay a charge if they were indeed sexually harassed or used.”

Asked to comment about the MP, Robinson told the paper that that the matter will be investigated as soon as a complaint is made as “you cannot act on rumours with no proof”.


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