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More hurdles in the path of a start to IPTS becoming operational

OCTOBER 7, 2014
More hurdles in the path of a start to IPTS becoming operational

A number of “key dependencies” will have to be resolved before Nelson Mandela Bay’s Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS) becomes operational.

A report to the Municipal Public Accounts Committee says that these include the completion of contract negotiations with the industry and establishment of “vehicle operating companies”.

In addition, agreements with operators have to be concluded; outstanding infrastructure completed and the Automated Fare Collection system procured.

Approval of the operations and business plans by Council, the National Department of Transport and National Treasury is also still required.

The report also states that there is insufficient funding to complete key infrastructure, such as bus stations, termini and deports while the bus procurement “has not started for main and area route fleet”.

In terms of the current timeframes the aim is to launch the Cleary Park to Port Elizabeth CBD and PE CBD to NMMU routes in January next year.

The proposed date for the Cleary Park to Uitenhage CBD; Cleary Park to Makro and PE CBD to Greenacres is July next year and for Cleary Park and Uitenhage local routes January 2016.

The report states that all 2013/14 conditional grant funding has been spent and National Treasury has approved the payment of start-up funding to L’aphumilanga, the secondary taxi cooperative.

There is, however, “limited funding” for the 2014/15 financial year and the budget proposals requesting additional funds must still be completed.

Another challenge is that some taxi associations “have indicated they do not want to be represented by L’aphumilanga”.

As a result of this, the report adds, they will need to be engaged separately. - metrominutes


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