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More innocents to die due to absence of derelict building by-law: Trollip

Oct 12, 2015
More innocents to die due to absence of derelict building by-law: Trollip

The absence of a dedicated by-law that deals with derelict and structurally unsound buildings in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is the real reason a teen recently lost his life in building collapse and "more innocent people are going to die", Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape leader and its Mayoral candidate for the Metro in upcoming local government elections, Athol Trollip, said over the weekend.

"Having visited the site of Renaldo Burgess’ death [Friday] afternoon, I am even more determined to introduce by-laws which will reduce the danger and risk posed by derelict municipal buildings.

"The DA recently proposed a by-law in council to deal with these dangerous structures, which was rejected by the ANC. Political arrogance of this nature only paralyses any progress towards solving the ongoing broken buildings crisis, which has now taken an innocent life," Trollip said.

"Another motion will be tabled in Council in a determined effort to introduce a by-law which will solve this disaster, before more people die.

"The DA will remain steadfast in its commitment to hold this government to account, so that the people of this Metro can live safely in our communities."

He said that if elected, the DA will introduce a Problem Buildings By-Law that will be enforced by a dedicated team of municipal rangers and a dedicated local law enforcement unit. This by-law will work towards:

• Ensuring community safety.
• Eradicating crime hotspots.
• Restoring investor confidence in our Metro.

"I am deeply saddened by the death of 14-year-old Renaldo Burgess, which could have been avoided had the municipality listened to DA ward councillor, Isaac Adams. Councillor Adams had been asking for the demolition of the building and sale of the land long before it tragically collapsed, killing the young teenager," he said.