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More needs to be done to stop road carnage - Zuma

JANUARY 4, 2016
More needs to be done to stop road carnage - Zuma

The continued road carnage was a sign that more still needed to be done to promote road safety in the country, the presidency said on Sunday.

Thanking South Africans for peaceful and joyful holidays, Zuma called on the country to respect the rules of the road.

“Traffic authorities will not win this battle alone. All road users must cooperate to make our roads safer,” he said in a statement.

He thanked those who had worked hard during the festive season. “This includes the members of the South African Police Service who continue to work hard to keep all in the country safe and ensured visibility nationwide through Operation Fiela.”

He also thanked road and traffic authority staff for their long hours, as well as emergency care workers and health professionals.

There was also words of appreciation for South Africans for welcoming tourists into the country.