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More opportunities available for small business

NOVEMBER 18, 2014
More opportunities available for small business

The Infrastructure and Engineering Directorate says that opportunities exist on new municipal projects for SMMEs. In a report to the Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy Committee, it states that opportunities exist for a further 46 SMMEs in the field of water and sanitation and approximately 100 on roads and stormwater projects.

The report says that in the past 12 month and additional 93 SMMWE “profiles” have been made available to contractors.

Of these, 39 were with roads and stormwater services construction projects, 29 with water and sanitation and 25 with the Baywest Development.

The report says that from October last year there were “numerous work stop-pages, sit-ins and other disruptive actions but that this has “reduced significantly” this year as a result of more interaction between SMMEs and officials.

It adds that the Management Team has decided that SMME development should be managed by Economic Development, adding that a framework is being developed for this that will be put to Council for approval.

The report states that due to the limited number of projects identified within Infrastructure and Engineering since January 2014, the directorate has implemented “extraordinary measures” to identify projects.

It says that accusations have been made about the quality of the SMME work but that only one official com-plaint has been received. - metrominutes