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More troubles for Bob Hewitt as another victim comes forward

Jul 13, 2015
More troubles for Bob Hewitt as another victim comes forward

There are more troubles ahead for convicted rapist and former tennis champion, Bob Hewitt, after another woman - the fourth one, has come forward with claims that she was also abused by Hewitt more than 30 years ago.

Earlier this year, Hewitt was found guilty on two counts of rape and one of sexual assault after three women testified during his trial. He was sentenced to an effective six years behind bars but is currently under house arrest, at his citrus farm outside of Port Elizabeth, as the appeal process continues.

Leigh-Ann Taylor claims Hewitt abused her as a child, while he was her tennis coach.

She told EWN that she didn’t have the courage to come forward beforehand, but followed the trial and said it’s now time for her to heal. 

“I only really plucked up the courage, I’d say, from the Sunday night and I think the trial pretty much ended on the Wednesday. I wish I could have given more support, but it was a secret that I battled to get out after 33 years.”

Taylor has started playing tennis again with Suellen Sheehan, who was raped by Hewitt more than 30 years ago. 

“I think her and I are going to hit the veteran circuit in a few months’ time, because there’s a connection and common ground. We’ve won anyway.”