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MOSAIC’D! Falling Moon is your one-stop-shop for beautiful, handcrafted mosaics

By Tai Chishakwe - Aug 8, 2014
MOSAIC’D! Falling Moon is your one-stop-shop for beautiful, handcrafted mosaics

From their early uses in the palaces and temples of Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome, creative, colourful mosaics have always added elegance, taste and personality to indoor and outdoor spaces. Like Persian rugs, the intricate designs on mosaic items and tiles, almost always immediately become the most attention-grabbing points in a room.

The best part of it all is that you can easily buy beautiful, handcrafted mosaics right here in the Bay at Falling Moon Mosaic & Art, situated at 15 Karena Street in Kragga Kamma Park at very reasonable prices.

Falling Moon manufactures various mosaic items, including various types of water features, pavers, garden creatures and pots, mirrors of all sizes, place mats, murals, flooring, coasters and wrought iron tables with mosaic tops - with either beautiful patterns, pictures or wording. Whether for your home or business décor, everything is made to your order and to your unique designs.

If you do not have your own designs, you will still find their shop a rich source for beautiful mosaic tiles of all types, ceramic mosaic inserts, glass inserts, custom-made wooden blanks, jewellery boxes, glass pebbles, nutech fibre boards (cut in all sizes) and flower inserts as well as a stunning range of scrap-mosaic tiles, beads and trinkets.

Mosaic creation is considered a unique, centuries-old art form making the items the perfect personalised gifts - and if you find anything you want in their shop, Falling Moon will be more than happy to help you create your own masterpiece surprises to your loved ones. Their professional workshops offer great practical experience from how to prepare your substrate, cutting mosaics, adhesives, mosaic styles, to choosing colours and type among other things. You do not need prior experience, just your creativity and enthusiasm.

The workshops are a great start to an exciting hobby for those looking to learn something new in 2014. Falling Moon now also supplies canvasses, brushes, oil paints and all the accessories that aspiring mosaic artists may need.

If you are looking to host adult, corporate team-building, birthday or kiddies parties with a difference, consider Falling Moon. Their home shop in Lorraine has a lovely, spacious garden with a pool for adults and youngsters to enjoy fun and creative mosaic parties. Partygoers get the opportunity to do scrap-mosaics which are then placed onto large boards to create personalised frames for mirrors or photos among other things.

To find out more about mosaics, visit Falling Moon at 15 Karena Streetin Kragga Kamma Park or call 084 326 0972 or email [email protected] today