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Motherwell police clamp down on second hand goods dealers

Jul 5, 2017
Motherwell police clamp down on second hand goods dealers

Police in the Motherwell Cluster on Tuesday held a joint operation that targeted second hand goods dealers in that area.

"Second hand goods often creates a marketplace for criminals in theft and robbery crimes. For this reason, legislation, which regulates the second hand goods trade is closely monitored and enforced by SAPS onto second hand goods dealers," described police spokesperson, Capt Andre Beetge.

He said that officers from the Motherwell Cluster Police Stations focused on the Motherwell and Swartkops areas' second hand dealers, which included scrap yards, tyre sellers and computer and cellular phone repair shops.

"Nine such outlets were visited between 10:00 and 14:00. Two tyre sellers were fined R2 500 each and one computer repair shop was warned for noncompliance in terms of their required registrations as second hand dealers," he said.

"A warning is first issued, and a fine follows up on noncompliance."

Capt Beetge added that police also confiscated a fire hose nozzle from a scrap yard in Markman Industrial Area.

"This item was identified as stolen property, which was stolen from the North End Fire Station. It is valued at about R32 000."