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Motherwell protesters plunder and torch truck

AUGUST 18, 2015
Motherwell protesters plunder and torch truck

A truck belonging to Checkers was plundered and torched by protesters on Tuesday morning on the Motherwell - Uitenhage Road.

It is not clear yet, why the residents were protesting, but the protest had died down late in the morning. Police are, however, still monitoring the situation.

Residents began blockading the road just before 06:00AM.

A Checkers truck driver, who was caught in the protest and tried to make U-turn at the burning barricades, was overpowered by residents. They plundered the truck and then destroyed it.

Elsewhere, municipal workers in Sterkstrooom say they're intensifying their rolling mass action over the non-payment of 118 workers.

Burning barricades have been set up in the town's streets.

Police are reportedly monitoring the situation.