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Motherwell residents demand school or they will not vote in upcoming elections

By Afikile Lugunya - Jan 23, 2019
Motherwell residents demand school or they will not vote in upcoming elections

As the 2019 academic year progresses, residents of Motherwell, in Port Elizabeth, have threatened to keep their children from going to school to show government and the Eastern Cape Department of Education that they are serious about their demands for a temporary school that is close to their area.

Motherwell NU29 residents started a unique protest on Monday where they claimed to be in the process of building a new shack school for their children “since the government has failed to do so.”

To show their seriousness, local resident, Khaya Phasiya, who spoke to RNEWS on behalf of the community said that on Wednesday, they would make sure that all NU29 children do not go to school, including his own child, who is doing Grade 11.

“What we really want is a temporary school because many years have passed while we listened to lies that were fed to us and broken promises that a school will be built," he said..

“Schools will be open, but learners from NU29 will not go to there because we want a school at NU29."

For now, Phasiya said that they desperately need a primary school for their children due to other schools running out of space.

“We have agreed as a community that all children will not go to school on Wednesday whether they are in primary or high school.

“The department of education said that they will come to NU29 to address our crisis of not having a school in this area," he added.

“We are not burning tyres or anything like that, but we are just fixing the community by preventing children from going to school because all children will benefit when eventually a school has been built in this area."

'No school - no voting in the 2019 Provincial and National elections'

With preparations for the 2019 Provincial and National Government Elections in high gear, Phasiya said that IEC members will not be welcomed at Motherwell NU29 to register residents to vote because there is no school in the area.

“We have also agreed as residents that the IEC will not be welcomed on the 26 and 27 of January to register people to vote. Even today we, closed the community hall because we want the department of education to see that we are serious and we mean business," he described.

"We are not going to vote in this Ward if there are no temporary schools - and my understanding is that Ward 54 has the most voters in Nelson Mandela Bay.”

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