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Motherwell’s rich soccer talent showcased over long weekend

By Afikile Lugunya - Apr 30, 2018
Motherwell’s rich soccer talent showcased over long weekend

Lion City are the first-ever champions of the Motherwell Freedom Tournament after beating Highland Spurs 4-1.

The Motherwell Freedom Tournament was founded by a young Ward 58 resident, Bawowethu Jonas, as a sports competition to keep the youth of Ward 58 busy and healthy during the Freedom Day long weekend.

The tournament started on Friday morning, took a pause on Saturday and continued on Sunday where the winner was announced from the four teams that were participating throughout the tournament.

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Ward Councillor, Mendiswa Makhunga, officially opened the tournament, which was attended by young people and older members of the community, and emphasised the importance of using long weekends to do things that are useful.

She also said that the youth must follow in Bawowethu’s footsteps.

Mr Ntaba, a ward committee member was one of those people, who were there to motivate Bawowethu and the youth to keep shining.

Ntaba urged the youth, who have a strong passion for soccer to stop undermining themselves, but to be focused, disciplined and work hard.

He said well-known soccer players in the country started in small fields like the one they were playing in at Motherwell.

The four teams played in a round-robin setup, which means each team played against every team to determine the eventual winner.

In the end, it was Highland Spurs and Lion City that made into an exciting finale.

When the final whistle blew, City had managed to score four goals past the Sturs goalkeeper while conceding only one goal.

Bawowethu said that he was happy with how the tournament played out – adding that he had noted areas that need improvement in future events.

“Next time, I want it to be more organised, and by June I want to host another tournament because I saw how the players responded to this one,” he said.

To that, Bawowethu added that they had approached the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality for funding for the next tournament and they are still waiting for a response.

“By June we want to host another, tournament and the aim is to give the winning team a soccer kit and more. The planning will also be better with a budget in place,” he described.

He also acknowledged everyone, who contributed to making the tournament a success by donating funds and donating their time, with a special mention going to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality MMC of Sport, Arts and Culture, Siyasanga Sijadu.

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