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Motherwell shopper loses family's monthly grocery after trusting taxi driver

By Afikile Lugunya - May 15, 2017
Motherwell shopper loses family's monthly grocery after trusting taxi driver

A 25-year-old man from  Motherwell, in Port Elizabeth, Vuyisile Langa*, will forever regret the day he trusted a taxi driver to look after his groceries. In South Africa, reckless driving is now expected from taxi drivers, but stealing from commuters is a new low.

According to Langa, on Saturday, he visited the Motherwell Shopping Centre, in Motherwell, to do his family's monthly grocery shopping.

After flagging down a taxi, he remembered that he had forgotten to buy eggs.

“I packed my grocery in the boot of the taxi, but I realised that I had forgotten my eggs and it would cost me time and money if I’d buy the eggs at the spaza shop,” he described.

Langa said the driver of the taxi seemed nice and understanding when he told him he needed to quickly run back into the shop and get the eggs.

“I didn’t think about getting robbed or anything like that because at the time the eggs were all I could think about and the driver seemed nice and understanding,” he told RNEWS.

Langa ran into the local Shoprite and grabbed the eggs, and within a few minutes was out because the supermarket was not busy.

When he came out, he could not believe his eyes as the taxi was gone.

He began asking around the area providing a description of the driver, but none of the other drivers knew the driver or his vehicle.

“I asked other taxi drivers if they knew the taxi and the driver, but they didn’t know him because he wasn’t a registered taxi driver at the complex,” Langa described.

One of the taxi drivers at the complex told RNEWS all registered drivers park at a certain spot and everyone, who frequently comes to the Complex knows that.

“I have always warned people not to use these fast taxis, but they don’t listen, now look what happened,” said one of the drivers.

“This is not shocking to me because it is not the first time that it has happened and I believe it is not the last time.”

The taxi driver advised Langa to ask local shops at the complex for their CCTV footage in the hope that they may have captured the identity of the taxi.

Langa spent the whole of Saturday at the taxi rank, hoping that the taxi would come back with his groceries, but luck was not on his side.

He is now warning other shoppers and commuters not to be too trusting with taxi drivers.

*The 25-year-old man asked that RNEWS not use his real name and surname.