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Mount Croix social housing plan approved

OCTOBER 3, 2014
Mount Croix social housing plan approved

Council this morning approved the closure, rezoning and sale of two erven in Knowles Street, Mount Croix for social housing, despite a plethora of objections. A height restriction of four storeys was placed on any development.

The objections focused on the loss of public open space, the devaluing of existing properties in the area and an increase in noise and environmental pollution. Questions were also raised about safety and security, increased traffic and the lack of school accommodation.

The item was one of more than 80 land matters dealing with the sale, lease, rezoning and sub-division of land as well as the removal of restrictions put before Council this morning.

Some of the land items on the Council Agenda were initially approved by the Human Settlements Committee as well as the Mayoral Committee as far back as May 23 this year. - metrominutes