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MOVIE REVIEW: Logan - The end of an era!

MOVIE REVIEW: Logan - The end of an era!

Often, not many movies about superheroes elicit an array of emotions in me, but the movie Logan did all that and more for this fan.

X-men movies have not been very well received throughout their history, mostly due to the movie straying too far from the comic book and timelines that seems to meddle with the entire franchise. But Logan brings a different aspect of the X-men universe that has never been seen before.

The movie takes place in the not too distant future, with Logan, also known as Wolverine, is seen as an older man and unable to fight the same way he used to. With all the X-men gone, Logan is left to care for a sick Professor Xavier in a remote location, when a woman approaches him begging for protection for a young girl, called Laura, AKA X-23.

Laura proves to be a young, violent version of Logan himself, bearing her own set of adamantine claws and healing factor. Chased down by a dark government organisation, Professor X and Logan take off on a cross country trip to take Laura to a safe place while also dealing with issues from their past.

As far as movies about superheroes go, there have been many actors that bore the capes and cowls of many a famous hero. Superman has been represented on the big screen by at least five different actors; the same can be said for Batman, The Hulk and even Spiderman.

But when it comes to Wolverine, only one man comes to mind and has been playing this iconic role for over a decade - Hugh Jackman.

Logan is said to be the last movie Jackman will be playing the iconic role, the same is said for Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier.

This fact is clearly emphasised in the movie as the story progresses. You can feel a deep sense of finality with Logan, as we say goodbye not only to the last of the X-men, but to the men, who have brought them to life on the big screen for so long.

I have never been a big fan of the X-men movies, but watching Logan gave me a ray of hope for the X-men franchise.

This is the first superhero movie, other than Deadpool, which gained an R-rating. Hugh Jackman was even said to have taken a pay cut to secure this rating, in order to give the fans the Wolverine that they all deserve. A fitting way to end his time as a character he made his own.

For those, who love the X-men, Wolverine in particular, this movie will not only restore your love for the famed team of mutants, it will leave you in tears. I highly recommend it for those, who are old enough to watch it.

Watch the Logan trailer below: