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MOVIE REVIEW: Marvel’s Dr Strange introduces new perspective to its ever expanding universe

By Jesica Slabbert - Nov 7, 2016
MOVIE REVIEW: Marvel’s Dr Strange introduces new perspective to its ever expanding universe

After much anticipation, Marvel Studios' comic book hero, Dr Strange, finally made an appearance on the big screen.

Continuing in the Marvel universe, we are introduced to Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch); a brilliant neurosurgeon with an equally brilliant ego. Strange is considered a genius and has no problem proving it to anyone, who question him.

When a sudden accident effectively ruins his career, Dr Strange is desperate to find help, using his entire fortune to get it. He eventually finds himself in Nepal seeking help from a person known only as The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) after hearing that she can cure even the most damaged of people.

But when Strange meets the so-called miracle worker, he finds himself in a world he didn’t even know, or believe existed. Drawn in by spells and the mystic arts, Strange starts learning about this new world and how things work, while being pulled into a war with The Ancient One’s misguided disciple (Mads Mikkelsen).

Strange will have to learn and grow in order to face these challenges and climb his way up towards becoming a great sorcerer while also trying to fix himself.

The film was an unexpected kaleidoscope of visual brilliance, while also pulling through with excellent action scenes and comedy. Dr Strange is not a movie you can watch just once, with excellent CGI effects and promising character development, Marvel has managed to introduce and even bigger world into their universe that is sure to make future films more exciting.

The effects of this film are definitely at their highest when seen in IMAX theatres, and don’t forget to stay until the credits are done or else you might miss the Easter Egg Marvel is famous for placing at the end of their movies.

The one in this film is sure to excite many Marvel fans.

See the Dr Strange trailer below: