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MPAC wants a special meeting about integrated public transport system

Nov 3, 2014
MPAC wants a special meeting about integrated public transport system

Nelson Mandela Bay’s Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) wants a special meeting to be held as a matter of urgency “to interrogate and consider the Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS) project”.

Regarding IPTS-related matters, the committee also wants a “comprehensive report for consideration” at this meeting compiled by City Manager Mpilo Mbambisa.

Included in the information required by the committee is some relating to the composition of companies awarded contracts as well as subsidiary companies and “how they have benefited to date from the project”.

In addition, MPAC also wants a financial breakdown of IPTS payments made to date.

MPAC also plans to intervene in the area of river water quality and pollution by local industries, and wants the heads of the Infrastructure and Engineering and Public Health directorates to arrange for the committee “to undertake an oversight visit to inspect those sites where the pollution of rivers in the NMBM area was evident”.

It also wants a comprehensive report from Mbambisa with details and recommendations on concerns raised by the Zwartkops Conservancy about the pollution of the Swartkops River.

Further, MPAC wants committee chairman Jimmy Tutu to initiate a meeting with the Zwartkops Conservancy as a matter of urgency “with the aim of working out a way forward” between the municipality and conservancy.

Also on the agenda for the committee’s next meeting is spending of the European Union funding for the Motherwell Urban Renewal Programme (MURP).

In order to continue to receive tranches of the funding, the metro had to focus on six key result areas that included improved local economic development, habitable human settlements and improved social development.

The other areas include improved public participation, and improved strategy, planning, project implementation and coordination. - metrominutes