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MPAC wants action against officials over expenditure

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
MPAC wants action against officials over expenditure

Nelson Mandela Bay’s Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) wants unauthorised, irregular or fruitless and wasteful expenditure recovered from the municipal officials responsible for incurring it.

In a report to Council, the committee points to one instance where interest to the tune of just more than R27 000 was incurred because of the late payment of the municipality’s Telkom account.

Stating that the interest amounts to fruitless and wasteful expenditure, MPAC states that it wants disciplinary action taken against the official (s) responsible “with a view to recovering the expenditure from them”.

In another case an order was issued for uniforms for the metered services section to the value of R52 192.63, but the meter reading staff “went and exchanged the uniforms received and obtained other clothing different from that on order.

The value of the new clothing was R95 692.72, the report to Council saying that the supplier “could not be paid in full due to invoiced goods exceeding ordered goods”. The outstanding balance was, however, paid later.

The report says that the most senior official involved in the incident was subject to a disciplinary hearing, adding that the person concerned had subsequently left the service of the municipality.

It says that irregular expenditure of R44 500.04 was incurred but that steps had not been taken to recover this amount from those involved because the goods supplied were being used.

The Committee also found that irregular expenditure to the tune of R36 320.00 was incurred in the hire of portable toilets that were required urgently after fire destroyed shacks as Supply Chain Management processes were not followed.

It had, however, not been possible to identify the official (s) responsible for the irregular expenditure and therefore no steps had been taken to recover the funds.

Further, the expenditure was not fruit-less or wasteful. - metrominutes