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Mt Ayliff woman traps rapist by getting him to spend the night with her

DECEMBER 9, 2015
Mt Ayliff woman traps rapist by getting him to spend the night with her

The community of Khanywayo Location has been applauded for not meting out instant justice when they apprehended an alleged 22 year-old  rapist after he fell for a trap by his victim.

According to Eastern Cape police, a woman was walking from Manyawuza homestead, going back to her place of work, where she works as a domestic worker, when the alleged rapist accosted her all the way to the workplace.

A few minutes after she had entered her room, she heard a loud bang as her door was forcefully opened.

"Apparently two males, between the ages of 20 and 22 years, entered the room and demanded money from her. The woman told them she did not have the money. They both grabbed the complainant and dragged her to a nearby forest where they took turns raping her."

In the midst of this - and surprisingly, the woman managed to convince the second rapist to go with her in her room as she loved him.

"The rapist fell for the invite and instructed the first suspect to leave. This rapist slept with the complainant for the whole night up until the following day. The complainant noticed that the pepetrator was drunk and still asleep, she left the room to call the community to come and arrest the suspect," police said.

"The suspect was arrested and appeared before the Mbizana Magistrate's Court on Monday. His case was remanded to 14 December while the first suspect is still at large." 

Mt Ayliff Cluster Commander, Brigadier Mtutuzeli Mtukushe, applauded the  community for not taking the law into their own hands but instead handing over the suspects to the police for proper legal and judicial processes to follow.  

“It is through partnership with community that work with government that we can break the backbone of crime,” said Mtukushe. 

In another unrelated case, Mt Ayliff SAPS arrested two suspects, aged between 23 and 29 years, on Monday after they had been apprehended by the community of Phepheni Location, in Mt Ayliff, for their alleged involvement in a number house break-ins and theft cases in the area.

According to Eastern Cape police, the suspects publicly admitted that they had stolen goods for the purposes of selling them around the location.

Community members raided their homes and forced them to reveal to whom they had sold the stolen property.

"Some properties were collected and brought to the police as the evidence."

Both suspects appeared before the Mt Ayliff Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.