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Mugabe wants “evil” sanctions gone

Mugabe wants “evil” sanctions gone

Veteran Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe, has called for the lifting of sanctions against his country, which he described as "evil machinations" from the West.

Speaking at the 69th United Nations General Assembly in New York on Thursday, the 90-year old statesman said that the sanctions were prove that Western countries are seeking a regime in Zimbabwe, and that the West is to blame for the country’s downward spiral since and not his controversial 2000 land reform programme, which has seen the mass seizure of white owned farms.

"My Government has gone a long way in laying the foundation for sustained food production through our Land Reform Programme. The majority of rural people have been empowered to contribute to household, and to national food security," he said.

"Because Zimbabwe has thus been pre-occupied with the empowerment of its people economically, she has become a victim of the evil machinations of Western countries who continue to apply unilateral and illegal sanctions as a foreign policy tool to achieve short-term political objectives, particularly regime change.

"These evil sanctions violate the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter and should be condemned by the international community," said Mugabe.

He also added that, "Regime change is a diabolical illegal policy of interference in the domestic issues of my country. No good can come from undermining our economy, or depriving our citizens of the necessities of life.

"We call on those who continue to harbour ill will against us to cast away their hegemony-driven hostility as we appeal to them to review their hard positions and open a new chapter in their relations with us based on mutual respect and friendly cooperation".


CAPTION: Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, speaking at the United Nations. IMAGE sourced from news.yahoo.com