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Municipal officials allegedly defecate and trash Port St Johns town hall in dispute over salaries

Feb 9, 2018
Municipal officials allegedly defecate and trash Port St Johns town hall in dispute over salaries

After allegedly being lied to by the Mayor about salary increases, municipal officials in the Port St Johns Local Municipality (PSJLM) are now resorting to defacing the Town Hall with faeces and piling rubbish inside the hall and against the outer walls, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said on Friday.

"The DA condemns these actions by officials who are upset about not receiving salary increases promised to them by Mayor Lindelwa Rolobile. That said, Mayor Rolobile must carry some of the responsibility after making false commitments to the officials," said Derrick Madini - a DA Port St Johns Local Municipality PR Councillor.

He said that the DA has in the past raised the unhappiness of these officials in Council and requested the intervention of the MEC for Cooperate Governance and Traditional Affairs, Fikile Xasa.

"In November 2017 the MEC, however, sent someone on his behalf to find a resolution to this matter.

"During an engagement with the official from the MEC's office, municipal staff complained that they are still waiting for a salary increase that was promised on 30 October 2017. The Mayor made this promise without the approval of her Executive Committee," Madini added.

"Since then the staff have not had any feedback from the MEC’s office and no resolutions have been put in place.

"We urge the MEC to personally visit PSJLM and see for himself the conditions residents have to endure. The ANC cannot continue to fail in providing even the most basic necessities to the people it serves," he said.

Madini said that the DA needs assurance from the MEC that the Mayor will be held accountable for not implementing a decision she approved.

"She must also account for neglecting the community. The Mayor cannot continue to get away with not doing her job while residents suffer under sub-standard service delivery."