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Municipality focussed on corruption, service delivery and economy: Jordaan

JULY 16, 2015
Municipality focussed on corruption, service delivery and economy: Jordaan

Speaking during Thursday's Council Meeting, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan, said that his administration was determined to root out corruption at City Hall, to speed up service delivery for residents and boost economic growth for the region.

“In the previous Council meetings I made it clear that we will do everything in our power to root out corruption within our Metro. We are not going to allow corrupt officials to loot the funds intended for development,” Jordaan said.

“The reports of the forensic investigations are now being finalised and we will act swiftly on their recommendations. As you may recall, we also instructed the City Manager to ensure that all the resolutions of Council are implemented.”

Councillors were also expected to deliberate on how the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality intends to deal with disciplinary matters. 

“We call on everyone to respect this process and in particular, to respect the rights of the individuals concerned. The processes must unfold without fear, favour or prejudice,” Jordaan said.

On service delivery

The Mayor said that in the past four weeks, he, together with the Deputy Executive Mayor, the Chief Whip, and all Councillors, held numerous meetings with leaders of communities that are affected by problems related to poor service delivery.

“These people relate heart breaking stories of their suffering as a result of crime, gangsterism, lack of human settlements and illegal connections. The common theme with all their complaints is that, some of our officials are uncaring and they take too long to resolve their problems,” Jordaan said.

“Yesterday, I had a meeting with officials from human settlements and energy departments and I made it clear to them once again that this attitude towards our residents cannot be tolerated any longer. Our people deserve to be treated with care, respect and compassion.”

The Mayor said the tragic death of five members of the Piko family, who died in a shack fire in KwaNobuhle highlights why the municipality must expedite the delivery of services to our people.

“Officials who interfere with lists must be dealt with decisively.

“I want to call on our people to give us more time to address challenges within human settlements. As we do so however, we want to make it absolutely clear that we will not tolerate illegal land invasions. We have instructed the Safety and Security Directorate to liaise with the government security services to ensure this trend is stopped immediately,” Jordaan said.

On economic development

The Mayor told Council that he is “convinced more than ever before that the economy of our region is set for a remarkable positive transformation within the next five to ten years”.

He said that, in particular, the Metro needed to support the Coega Development Corporation to expand the IDZ to fulfil its role as the catalyst of growth for the Metro, the Region and the province.

“We observed the significant progress being made with the Dedisa Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plant as well as the innovations in renewable energy. I was highly impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of the CDC staff. This Metro is well on course develop its own sources of energy and to contribute to the reduction of load shedding nationally.”

He added; “Fellow Councillors, in order to achieve the objective of growth for the region, we need to ensure seamless integration between all the entities responsible for investment promotion, urban renewal and economic development in the Metro.

“I am aware that this Council and its standing committees have on different occasions received presentations or actually taken  resolutions on projects such as the Waterfront, Nooitgedacht, Fish Water Flats, Motherwell Urban Renewal, International Convention Centre, Nelson Mandela Statue, Airport Development, Helenvale Renewal, Small Business Incubation, Fish Farm, Port Operations, Red Location Museum, Major Events, Sport Tourism, the manganese, crude oil refinery project and many other projects aimed at stimulating the local economy.

“All the stakeholders I have met to date have expressed concern that these projects are at best poorly coordinated or at worst, delayed by indecision.”

Jordaan said that the municipality aimed to create a single dashboard, which lists all the current and planned projects for the Metro. Meetings have already been held with the Coega Development Corporation, Madiba Bay Development Agency, Uitenhage, Dispatch Development Initiative, Transnet, the Mandela Bay Tourism Agency, Transnet and Portnet concerning this.

“We will convene a broader stakeholder session within the next four weeks to share these plans and work on the development of a single vision for the Metro,” he said.

“I am really encouraged by the level of excitement and energy that investors have demonstrated. I am quite determined to ensure that all the constraints that have delayed the implementation of these projects are dealt with once and for all.”

Welfare, Crime and community safety

Jordaan said that the municipality was currently in the process of finalising the review of its organogram and he was considering the establishment of a directorate in his office, which will be responsible for Women, Children and the Aged; Military Veterans; Youth and People with Disabilities.

“I am appalled by the horrendous crimes perpetrated against the aged. The City must therefore make up its mind on whether the old age homes must be outsourced or placed under its control. Old age homes cannot be used as ATMs by unscrupulous agencies,” he said.

“I want to ensure that all these sectors receive attention and support from the highest office of the Municipality. On Monday, I had a very productive meeting with the Director General of Military Veterans, Mr Tsepe Mosumi.  I have invited him to come to the Metro as soon as possible to brief us on the details of their support projects for military veterans from the statutory and non statutory forces.”