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Municipality takes blame for not billing Jordaan’s electricity costs

Municipality takes blame for not billing Jordaan’s electricity costs

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has reportedly denied a weekend newspaper report suggesting that recently elected mayor, Danny Jordaan, had not been billed for his electricity use since 2007.

According to Eyewitness News, Municipal Spokesperson, Roland Williams, said that ‘n technical oversight had resulted in the municipality being unable to replace a burned out electricity meter at Jordaan’s Summerstand home but that the matter had since been resolved.

“When no electricity is charged as a result of a faulty meter, the municipality makes a calculation for the period of no charge, based on a three-month average. The calculation also takes into account the various tariff increases over the period in question,” Williams was quoted as saying.

He also stated that the failure was more of an administrative error rather than a political motive, and that its handling had been over exaggerated.

On Sunday, the Weekend Post reported that it had obtained documents showing that the municipality only reacted to the problem last month, and that Jordaan’s wife, Roxanne, had alerted officials numerous times after discovering that the meter was not ticking.

“Last year again, we reported it. About four months ago, someone from the municipality told the man who works in our garden that the meter was not running.

“I called the municipality last month again to fix the meter and it was fixed. I asked if it was my problem or the municipality’s and the man said it was the municipality’s problem because the wires at the back of the meter had burnt and the municipality should’ve replaced it,” she told the paper.

Speaking in a statement, Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape Leader, Athol Trolip, who last week accused Jordaan of “hiding from the people” in an open letter, said that the South African Football Association (SAFA) boss’ actions “were no different to [that of a] izinyoka” and that his apparent taking of “free electricity for seven years has robbed the people and municipality of Nelson Mandela Bay of income”.

“If Jordaan is connected enough to have himself parachuted in as Mayor of NMB, surely he could also have pulled the right strings to solve an electricity billing issue if he really had the will to solve the problem,” Trolip said.

“The fact is that for seven years it served his pocket to remain silent and to continue to draw electricity without charge. It is unethical, irresponsible and unbecoming of a Mayor to be caught allegedly abusing municipal finances”.

He also stated that Jordaan had done nothing to address the various allegations against him since coming to power, and that that latest incident, which he described as outrageous, needs to be addressed.

“The double scandals of an alleged $10-million World Cup bribe, and seven years of electricity free-loading leave Danny Jordaan compromised and not deserving of his new Mayoral office,” Trolip said.

“It is now high time that Danny Jordaan comes out of hiding and answers to the raft of allegations against him”.