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National contract at ID Logistics for ELF Security

JANUARY 18, 2016
National contract at ID Logistics for ELF Security

Elf Electronic Security Solutions, a Port Elizabeth-based specialist in full maintenance leasing of electronic security equipment, was awarded a six-year contract to finance, install and maintain the CCTV, ACCESS CONTROL and ALARM systems for ID Logistics, the national distributor of Danone products in South Africa.

The ID Logistics sites are all state-of-the art newly-built distribution warehouses located in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg. Elf was chosen due to its ability firstly to provide in-house funding of the entire installation as well as its capability to roll out the project in all 4 major centres.

Due to the strict deadlines of the project, management at ID Logistics had to find a company that would quickly and efficiently approve the funding and design and implement at very short notice. Elf proved to be the only company that was able to meet all these conditions, and installation commenced in March 2015 at the Cape Town distribution warehouse. Shortly after, work commenced at PE, Johannesburg & Durban.

The work involved installing approx. 500 Hikvision IP CCTV cameras of varying specifications depending on whether they were watching the perimeter, the loading bays or installed in the fridges. The system is fully supported by UPS’s (Uninterrupted Power Supplies), keeping it recording should there be power outages. All video footage is stored on hard drives allowing management to review any incidents on the site.

At each site, an Impro based access control system using Sagem biometric readers was installed controlling all ingress and egress from the site and areas within facility. All access control data is stored locally and feeds into a time & attendance solution. The system is robust to handle the varied number and quality of fingerprints of the large numbers of staff at each warehouse.

In addition at each site, a Risco wireless alarm system was installed to monitor the offices and certain access points in the various warehouses.

The work was completed in August 2015 and is proving to be stable and successful. A critical part of the success of a complex system such as this is ensuring that it is well-maintained and issues are resolved as and when they arise. Elf is responsible for regular preventative maintenance as well as ad hoc call-out maintenance.

In addition to manufacturer’s warranty, all equipment is subject to Elf’s contract guarantee, to ensure that it remains operational for the full duration of the contract. In addition, the equipment is fully insured by Elf who will resolve any insurance issues, such as lightning strike or power surge damage, should they arise.