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National fuel strikes to be suspended?

National fuel strikes to be suspended?

Chevron South Africa has denied notices of a fuel delivery strike on June 30th and had stated that such alarming information was incorrect.

Such an alarming strike was said to occur on June 30th and had been circulating on various social media platforms.

However, Chevron South Africa and Chemical Energy Paper Printing Wood and Allied Workers Union (CEPPWAWU) – the chemical union representing truck drivers employed by oil refineries, claimed no knowledge of such strikes.

“We can confirm that this information is incorrect and fuel deliveries and supplies to filling stations across the country remain normal,” said Suzanne Pullinger, Chevron SA Communications Manager in a released statement.

However, CEPPWAWU Head of Department, Clement Chitja, confirmed that wage negotiations concerning various oil refineries came to a deadlock on Friday June 24th and that such a respective fuel strike has not happened ‘yet’.

“There is no need to panic over the availability of fuel yet,” Chitja added.

South Africa’s fuel prices have progressively been increasing due to the weakening of the Rand and such strikes were said to begin on Monday 27th June, but were kept discreet to prevent overloading at filling stations.