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Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber responds to NMB State of the Metro address

JUNE 9, 2016
Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber responds to NMB State of the Metro address

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber has responded to the Nelson Mandela Bay State of the Metro address, which was presented by Mayor Danny Jordaan earlier on Thursday.

"The State of the Metro address presented by Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan today was on the whole favourably received by the business community of Nelson Mandela Bay," Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber CEO Kevin Hustler said

"After a year of tremendous activity and numerous engagements with the Executive Mayor, there has most definitely been a bolstering of the leadership in the city and with this an enhancement of business confidence in our region."

"The progress being made by the city leadership over the past twelve months, particularly in addressing corruption, needs to be commended and as an ongoing exercise we implore the Metro leadership to uphold a zero tolerance in this area."

"The Mayor’s commitment to the diversification of the metro economy is well received as it aligns with the Nelson Mandela Bay Industrial Development Strategy and ensures that the economy of the city is not over-reliant on the automotive sector, but rather diversified into new economies, such as the oceans economy."

"Whilst we welcome the initiatives regarding Wi-Fi access to the community at large, we are still extremely concerned about the infrastructure with regard to electricity and water supply in Nelson Mandela Bay. The Business Chamber has submitted into the Industrial Development Plan the priority sub stations which need to be urgently upgraded, and the urgent focus on water infrastructure maintenance, which is continually experiencing wastage in excess of R400-million per annum. Without having perusal of the Budget at this point, we trust that the leadership of the metro has put sufficient budget allocation to these business priorities."

"We applaud the focus on the repairing of potholes, particularly on the M4 Freeway but challenge the city manager to ensure that all major arterial routes in and through our city are maintained to a high standard, along with the necessary road signage and lighting. This will go a long way to ensuring not only the safety but also the aesthetic appeal of our city to both investors and tourists."

"Lastly, we commend the tight financial control in the Metro and the turnaround to R2-billion in reserves, as well as the improved rating from the ratings agencies," Hustler added.