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Nelson Mandela Bay Council Approves Sale Of R2.2 Million Wells Estate Property

NOVEMBER 13, 2014
Nelson Mandela Bay Council Approves Sale Of R2.2 Million Wells Estate Property

Council this morning approved the sale of an undeveloped 12 094-square metre industrial property in Ranger Street, Wells Estate for R2.2 million, with the land to be disposed of by public tender.

In all, Council approved the sale of three properties valued at a total of R2.459 million.

Mayor Ben Fihla this morning withdrew an item in which he had recommended that an application by Aberdare Cables to buy or lease road reserves abutting its property in Korsten should be refused as the land was required for basic municipal services. No reason was advanced as to why the item was withdrawn.

In his report to Council, the mayor said that the company wished to expand its business, plans that would result in the employment of approximately 40 additional people.

The report said the company em-ployed 470 people, had been in opera-tion for 65 years and contributed approximately R12 million a year to the metro in rates and service charges.

Council also endorsed a recommendation by the Mayor that land in Kay Street and Perl Road should not be sold to the Algoa Bus Company and that its application to renew a lease on the property should be refused.

In his report to Council, the Mayor said the land should not be alienated as it was required for the provision of the necessary basic services.

The current lease on the property expired in 2012 and will now be re-advertised for expressions of interest or objections. - MetroMinutes