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Nelson Mandela Bay Council Defers Approval Of Mount Road Social Housing Plan


Approval by the Nelson Mandela Bay Council of a recommendation by Mayor Ben Fihla that, notwithstanding objections, public open space and roads on two erven in Knowles Street, Mount Croix be closed to make to allow for the development of social housing, was deferred by Council last week.

The item was one of a number of Human Settlements matters that were deferred due to time constraints and will now be considered at a later date - Council is next scheduled to meet on September 18.

The area in Mount Croix has been identified as a restructuring zone where social housing can be developed.

In its report on the proposal, Spatial Planning notes that the Spatial Development Framework (SDF) is “clear on the need for densification”.

The SDF, it adds, states that densities in existing areas should increase with the use of infill development on vacant land that is not required for other purposes.

Spatial Planning states that “it is considered that the proposed social housing development will not have a detrimental impact on the existing character of the local areas”.

Further, it says the site “will promote integration, reduce urban sprawl and allow the municipality to use the available resources that it has with regard to land and infrastructure,” adding that the development allows residents to be in “easy reach of social facilities, employment and public transport.”

Among the plethora of objections were the contention that surrounding proper-ties would be devalued and that there would be a decreased amount of open space.

Further, it was contended that the pro-posed development was “misplaced” and would have a negative impact on Mount Croix.

In addition, it was stated that there were empty buildings and ground at the foot of Mount Road “which would be ideal for this sort of development as the residents would be very close to the business/industrial area and to public transport”. - MetroMinutes