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Nelson Mandela Bay Councillor jailed, DA says it shows ANC can't be trusted

Apr 26, 2018
Nelson Mandela Bay Councillor jailed, DA says it shows ANC can't be trusted

The African National Congress' (ANC) Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Councillor, Bongo Nombiba, will likely spent the next five years in jail after he was sentenced on Thursday by the Port Elizabeth Commercial Crimes Court, which found him guilty of fraud and theft relating to misappropriation of municipal funds.

The Ward 20 Councillor was accused of allegedly swindling the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality of R20 000, which was part of a donation to an organisation caring for the elderly. He first appeared in court in December 2016.

According to the State, Secretary of a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) called Thulamangwane Community Project that renders services such as caring for elderly people and cleaning schools in the community, Zukiswa Mbhem, and Deputy Chairperson, Mandisa Monco, with other members, approached the Councillor to request a R10 000 donation from the municipality as financial assistance for the NGO.

It is alleged that Nombiba instructed the group to put their request in writing, but not to mention the amount that they had requested, which they did in September 2014.

The State claims that Nombiba then forwarded the request to the Metro for an amount of R30 000, which was apparently meant for the organisation.

In November 2014, the Metro deposited R30 000 into the NGO's Standard Bank Account. However, Nombiba told the NGO that of the R30 000 deposited - R10 000 was what the NGO requested and the R20 000 was his.

That is when the fraud came to light.

In March this year, he was convicted on fraud and corruption charges.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) said that the ANC's lack of credibility and inability to govern was yet again made evident by Nombiba's conviction and sentencing.

According to said Mlindi Nhanha - DA Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson, this proves the ANC cannot be trusted with the people’s money and that they are incapable of governing the City.

"The DA-led coalition has shown it has zero tolerance for criminal and corrupt behaviour. The systematic looting of the Municipality's coffers at the hands of the corrupt ANC brought the City to its knees. As a result the voters of NMB removed the ANC from office in 2016," he added.

"Under the leadership of Mayor Athol Trollip and his team, the City has begun making progress towards a better future for all its residents through job creation and delivery of better services."

He said that since the DA-led coalition took over government in 2016 total change has come to NMB and a clean-up began to root out all forms of corruption and ensure a clean administration.