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Nelson Mandela Bay has reduced water losses to below 30%: Trollip

MAY 4, 2017
Nelson Mandela Bay has reduced water losses to below 30%: Trollip

After months of hard work, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has managed, over the last six to eight months, to reduce water losses in the Metro to below 30%, says Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip.

"During the last financial year and under previous governments, water losses were a staggering 43% (approx.)," he said.

"We have quickly brought this down to below 30% and will not stop until the figure is a single digit.

"A strong focus has been placed on improving turnaround times for repairing leaks, filling critical plumber vacancies and streamlining the 0800 20 50 50 call centre operation, where all leaks must be reported."

Trollip said that while "we have a very long way to go still, this progress is encouraging and perhaps a small indication that our Municipality is starting to turn the corner".

"We will continue forward, no matter the challenge."

The announcement comes when the situation is detoriorating in the five dams that supply the Metro as well as the Kouga Local Municipality.

According to the Department of Water Affairs on Wednesday; "The [water levels in the] Algoa System, with five dams serving Nelson Mandela Bay, decreased to 40, 6% from 41, 4%. Last year, the system was recorded at 79, 3%."

It said that water is dwindling steadily from the dams, with the prospects of another El Nino.

"This means each and every drop of water should be saved."

Despite some rains this week,  the SA Weather Service also said not enough had fallen to make an impact.

"Please continue to do your part to save water," the Mayor appealed.