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Nelson Mandela Bay launches Cleaning and Greening project at Kuyga

Mar 12, 2019
Nelson Mandela Bay launches Cleaning and Greening project at Kuyga

A passionate call by Nelson Mandela Bay residents and businesses on the Municipality to clean up the City has now been answered.

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, along with the Mayoral Committee Member of Public Health, Councillor, Yolisa Pali, launched a Cleaning and Greening project at Kuyga on Monday.

This project forms part of an on-going national programme that the President, Cyril Ramaphosa, launched in East London last week.

It includes different approaches such as the clearing of illegal dumping sites, planting of trees, the building of parks, litter picking and the policing and enforcement of by-laws.

“This project will be a great success because you, the residents are working with us. Today is not the end of this project, it will continue and we will have a clean City. If you see your neighbours littering or dumping illegally, tell them not to do that,” said Bobani.

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has employed Community Rangers to address illegal dumping

Community Rangers have been employed to patrol their communities and ensure that people are not illegally dumping and to enforce the by-laws. People who are caught illegally dumping will be fined and held responsible for their actions.

Cllr Pali said that there would soon  be another project launched to educate residents and children about the negative effects of illegal dumping.

“This is an extremely important project because the filth affects the health of our residents. This will ensure that you have a clean and healthy environment to live and play in,” said Cllr Pali.

Nomonde Velaphi, a Kuyga resident expressed her happiness and gratitude for the programme.

“I am so happy that the Mayor is visiting us. I work for the EPWP and we try to clean the community but it is hard as we are not many but now that the Mayor is here, people have come out in numbers to clean the community. It makes my heart very happy,” said Velaphi.

There will be more projects to follow to ensure that Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is a clean and safe City.

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