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Nelson Mandela Bay launches inaugural Mandela Bay Music Festival

Nelson Mandela Bay launches inaugural Mandela Bay Music Festival

Nelson Mandela Bay Arts council on Wednesday launched  the inaugural  Mandela Bay Music Festival, which will honour the late Nelson Mandela, who the city is named after, while uplifting local artists by showcasing their talent.

“We doing the launch in July to honour Mr Nelson Mandela and support the Mandela month,” said Councillor Andiswa Mama. 

She said that the plans for this initiative started last year with aim of uplifting and promote the local artist to develop in the music industry and give the whole community of Nelson Mandela a chance to showcase their talent in crafting, poetry and music.

“The festival we’ll be about music, promoting local artist from around Nelson Mandela bay. The initiative we’ll also be beneficiary to the youth of the city to grow and development their talents,” said Mama.

Speaking to RNews, Iqhama Afrika Cultural Group, one of the groups that preformed at the launch and also going to be performing at the Mandela Bay Festival, is happy with the initiative as a ‘door opener’ to many of opportunities.

“We never had an opportunity like this one before this is a very uplifting opportunity for us showcase out talent as dancers and also a great opportunity to celebrate our culture through our dancing. This initiative is going to us local artist of Nelson Mandel bay on the map,” said the group’s Luxolo Mjuleni.

In his address, Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor, Danny Jordaan, urged the community of the Nelson Madela Bay to support the festival and support the local artist.

“Launching this initiative now it’s not because of the elections but we doing to honour Mr Mandela as part of Mandela Month and because the city is named after him. People must not ask questions or be confused we are not campaigning we doing this to honour Mr Mandela and to develop the young upcoming artists of Nelson Mandela Bay,” he said.

The Mayor said that the festival will not only benefit the artist but the community of Nelson Mandela Bay by creating job opportunities as well as contributing to the local economy by boosting tourism.

Executive Director of Nelson Mandela Bay Arts council, Noxolo Nqwazi said that more than 100 people had been employed and will be working during the festival. Lots of visitors are expected to attend the festival.

Festival will start from the 26th of July at St Georges Park cricket ground. The main festival will be on the 30th, when both local artists will be performing.

Nelson Mandela Bay Arts council plans to continue with the initiative continue to develop the youth of Nelson Mandela Bay.