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Nelson Mandela Bay Metro outlines bold plan to fix potholes and roads in 100 days!

Nelson Mandela Bay Metro outlines bold plan to fix potholes and roads in 100 days!

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality on Thursday launched its Road & Transport 100 Days programme at Swartkops River Steel Bridge in Swartkops.

While addressing Swartkops residents, Member of the Mayoral Committee in charge of Roads and Transport, Councillor Rano Kayser, the programme was focusing repairing roads and potholes in Nelson Mandela Bay over the next 100 days.

“We gathered here today to outline to the 100 day programme with the directorates of Road and Transport, and we are here to fully commit ourselves that in this 100 days, all we pledge we’ll be achieved,” said Councillor Kayser.

Potholes and bad roads get attention

He added that contractors have been appointed and already busy at work resurfacing and resealing a number of roads and streets in 18 wards that had been pointed out to be the worst affected areas.

Councillor Kayser also said the repair work also included the installation of traffic signals, proper storm-water drainage, unblocking canals and replacing damaged or missing manhole covers, which are some of the commitments that the appointed Joint Operation Centre will respond to within 24 hours.

Jobs for the youth

He said the 100-day plan had opened job opportunity for many in the Bay as 192 Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) workers will be appointed to assist with the cleaning of the storm-water drains and open ditches.

“We are a city of hard work and already, we have appointed in 120 workers in response to requests by the councillors of those 18 respective wards, where reticulation is mostly needed,” said Kayser.

He added that the now-infamous Molly Blackburn and Bantom streets storm-water ponds in KwaNobuhle will receive a major rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the Walmer Storm-water master plan will be implemented with the urgency it requires. Storm-water reticulation in flood prone areas will also ensure that rain water goes to the catchment areas.

Adding to that, the culvert in KwaZakhele will receive a major clean- up and the progress in upgrading of Seyesi Square will receive the required attention.

Swartkops River Steel Bridge to get an upgrade

As part of the 100 days programme, the Swartkops River Steel Bridge that has been around for more than 135 years will also be refurbished.

“Today, we are standing next to the Swartkops River Steel Bridge, a bridge that is visible from the N2 and a land mark to the city. Taking a page from the books of our history, once again, this as testimony that we are pioneers in the transport sector as this bridge was originally built in 1879, more than 135 years ago,” said Councillor Kayser.

He added that the refurbishment, which might take around three months, has been initiated to prevent the steel bridge from rusting and further possible collapse.

“There are many other bridges, figuratively and literally, that this administration will build or prevent rusting or possible collapse to enhance cohesion and consolidate  co-operation within our communities, so as to make this city one that we will look at it with pride,” added Kayser.

“This is a new government, and in our doctorate discovered that we have a new disease, we have a unique allergy to failure and therefore we are going to make sure that we are not going to fail the people of this municipality.

“From Monday, I’ll be personally checking every construction and every ward that requires attention and make sure that it is catered for and the constructions begin with an immediate effect.”