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Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Owes R2.47 Million For African Cup Of Nations Tournament

Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Owes R2.47 Million For African Cup Of Nations Tournament

Nelson Mandela Bay owes the Local Organising Committee (LOC) R2.47 million for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament last year, according to a report presented to the National Assembly’s Sport and Recreation Committee.

No details of the debt were provided, but the metro is the only host city to owe the LOC apart from Rustenburg, which owes R2.45 million.

Nelson Mandela Bay was one of four host cities with Group B teams made up of Ghana, Mali, Niger and the DRC, playing their group matches at the 2010 World Cup Stadium.

Figures provided at the time indicated that the metro would require a total of R34 million in order to meet its commitment as a host city of which R4.8 million would come from National Treasury and R15.4 million from the Eastern Cape Government.

This left the metro having to find R13.8 million of which Council recommended that R10 million should be approved, leaving a shortfall of R3.6 million.

In terms of the agreement with the LOC, the municipality would have received a share of the takings from the sale of tickets.

It is not known, however, whether any income from ticket sales was forthcoming.

According to the presentation, the total cost of hosting the tournament was R293.3 million of which R102.5 million came from the Department of Sport and Recreation and a further R194.9 million from “other sources”.

The metro also found itself in debt after the World Cup to the tune of R538 mil-lion which created a financial crisis. This was the result of the provincial government not meeting its full financial commitment of R459 million. - MetroMinutes.

Photo caption: DRC fans during AFCON 2013 at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.