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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality condemns defacing of Queen Victoria statue

By Charl Bosch - Apr 10, 2015
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality condemns defacing of Queen Victoria statue

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality spokesperson, Roland Williams, has condemned the latest statue attack after the monument of Queen Victoria outside the Port Elizabeth library, was smeared with green paint on Friday morning.

The latest incident comes after the town’s Horse Memorial, erected to remember the animals that died during the Anglo Boer War, was damaged in an attack earlier this week with the deed later being admitted to by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

“If people think they are making a political statement [by damaging statues] they are not. We are living in a democracy. If people believe that a certain statue or monument needs to be moved or removed, they are more than welcome to lobby for that to happen through the proper democratic channels that we have in place,” Williams told the media at the scene.

“We will not tolerate any defacing of statues and monuments, even if they happen to be offensive to some people, it is our duty living in a stable democracy to channel all of those voices in a proper manner”.

Williams also stated security around the various monuments would be increased and that the municipality condemns any “acts of hooliganism”.

“There is no need for people to come over night and throw paint over a statue,” he said, adding that people who feel aggrieved by certain monuments, should speak to government and “not resort to hooliganism”.

When RNews visited the scene, the paint was still wet and running down the statue, suggesting the act took place in the early hours of the morning. A crime scene investigator arrived not long after. No one has yet taken responsibility for the act.