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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Currently Experiencing ‘An Unlawful Industrial Action’

By Tai Chishakwe - Aug 13, 2014
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Currently Experiencing ‘An Unlawful Industrial Action’

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has said it is currently experiencing an illegal industrial action by some employees of the Electricity and Energy Directorate.

“As a result of which the Directorate is experiencing a staff sit-in, while Union members have forced all staff at Munelek, outlying depots, Uitenhage and Despatch to vacate their offices/work-places. This has rendered all electricity and energy services rendered by the Municipality un-operational,” the municipality said in a statement.

“The Municipality is therefore experiencing challenges in responding to or addressing the essential service needs of its residents and will not be able to attend swiftly to emergencies or telephone calls. However, members of the public can still purchase electricity at all vending stations, except Munelek, which is currently closed.

“We understand and acknowledge that Management and some of our staff do not always see eye to eye, but by and large we collectively commit as a team to deliver essential and developmental services to the people, which is the very reason that we are employed by this institution, prestigiously named after the Honourable Nelson Mandela,” the municipality said.

The statement further said that; “The Municipality views this action by the participating employees in a serious light and has since advised and cautioned those employees who are participating in the illegal industrial action to return to their respective workstations. Failure to do so, will leave the Municipality with no option but to apply and enforce the no-work-no-pay principle and other relevant human resources processes. 

“The Municipality apologises to residents for any inconvenience caused, and wishes to reassure residents that it is committed and will make every endeavor to resolve this situation speedily and decisively.”

In the interim, the municipality has urged residents to use its 0800 20 50 50 number to report any emergencies.