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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality erects billboards indicating ward water consumption

Aug 21, 2018
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality erects billboards indicating ward water consumption

Information is power! It is for this reason that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has decided to erect giant billboards across the City to inform residents and business owners of the water consumption in their Ward in any specific month.

"Practical advice on how to decrease consumption will also be provided on the billboards. As the billboards will be updated on a monthly basis, reflecting the latest consumption levels for the wards, residents will be able to see the water consumption patterns in their Ward and be inspired to try and save even more water the following month," explains Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications and Media Management Officer, Mthubanzi Mniki.

Mayoral Committee Member for Infrastructure and Engineering, Councillor Masixole Zinto, said that the  project was an important initiative in informing residents of their usage and their contribution towards our total consumption as a City. 

"We want all residents to continue with their water saving efforts, as water saving is a shared responsibility. We want to encourage a culture of working together as a ward and advising each other about water reduction methods.

"The battle against the drought and the water shortage we can never win by ourselves as a Municipality. Community members, right there in the wards where they stay, must also make a difference. And their efforts must not end at home: they also need to take their water-saving methods to their work-places, which may not necessarily be where their homes are," said Cllr Zinto. 

The billboards will be placed at intersections at major access roads to different wards. 

This is one of the latest of a number of water-saving initiatives of the NMBM, given the desperate water crisis  Nelson Mandela Bay is currently facing. Dam levels are at the all-time low: just above 18 percent. Predictions by the South Africa Weather Services do not indicate that significant rainfalls will fall in our catchment areas in the next six months. 

Image: example of one of the billboards.