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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality goes after households using more water

May 9, 2017
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality goes after households using more water

Pressure is mounting on domestic high water consumers in Nelson Mandela Bay as the Metro on Tuesday confirmed that it is in the process of issuing them with notices to either repair leaks on their properties or to reduce their water usage - or face the consequence of non-compliance.

"Altogether 313 notices have already been issued in this regard," said Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications and Media Management Officer, Mthubanzi Mniki.

"The Municipality has identified many domestic consumers with high consumption through its Budget & Treasury Directorate's billing system."

Mniki said that the following domestic consumers have been identified:

  • 297 consumers use 200 kl/month,
  • 462 consumers use 100 – 200 kl/month,
  • 449 consumers use 50 – 100 kl/month,
  • while 3124 consumers use 30kl/month.

"The Municipality is currently visiting these high consumers to establish the reasons for the high consumption and whether there are any leaks on the properties," he added.

"Those that have been identified in this process to have failed to comply will be issued with notices immediately. The expectation is that all domestic water consumers must use less than 40 kl/month.

"As a last resort, the Municipality will install water demand management devices that will automatically cut their water when the reach 40kl within a month."

As a pro-active approach to reduce domestic consumption, residents are requested to report water leaks immediately to 0800 20 50 50 or email them to [email protected].

"They are also advised to read their meters regularly, as this will assist them in identifying an unusually high water consumption pattern, which could indicate the existence of underground leaks or the need to cut down on water consumption," Mniki said.