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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality launches MBDA Security Programme

OCTOBER 7, 2015
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality launches MBDA Security Programme

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan,  is expected to launch the Mandela Bay Development Agency's (MBDA) Security Programme this morning.

According to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, this initiative will complement the Take Back Our City Campaign, initiated by the Executive Mayor, the South African Police Services and the Community Policing Forums to mobilise communities against crime, gangsterism, drug trafficking and all other forms of criminal acts, a few weeks ago.
"This initiative, which complements work that is already being done by South African Police Service has the following overarching goals and mandate:

  • to promote community involvement in response to safety and security matters;
  • to provide protection to the general public, businesses and properties;
  • to create a safer environment for the community, residents and business owners;
  • to monitor and to analyze crime tendencies;
  • to design and implement strategic measures to reduce crime in the CBD;
  • to protect tourist attractions in the identified precincts;
  • to promote safety initiatives in the identified precincts amongst the various communities and interventionists;
  • to monitor and identify illegal traders;
  • to fulfil tourism ambassadorial roles; and
  • to participate in blitz raids in the MBDA mandate areas (in conjunction with law enforcement authorities)," said the municipality's communications office.

"Through the MBDA Security Programme, an additional private sector security support layer will be introduced to augment law enforcement capacity in the CBD to prevent and reduce crime.

"The city’s development agency and authorities aim to reduce vehicle related crimes, housebreaking at private residences, burglaries at business premises, street robberies, muggings, assault and drug related crimes through a force multiplier effect with the addition of private security officials."

It said that at the event, the launch will introduce:

  • 63 trained and accredited security officers for random and routine foot patrols, as well as criminal apprehension and on-site detention (to facilitate arrests through law-enforcement agents);
  • five vehicle units, including two K9 reaction retrofitted vehicles, for random and routine patrols, and rapid response;
  • eight trained dogs for criminal apprehension, patrolling, narcotics detection, officer protection, tracking and on-site detention (to facilitate arrests through law-enforcement agents); 
  • six reaction officers for rapid response, criminal apprehension and on-site detention; and
  • three roving information kiosks.

Key inner-city nodes covered in the programme for vehicle, K9 and foot patrolling units are:

  • Donkin Reserve;
  • Govan Mbeki;
  • Strand Street;
  • Central;
  • Parliament Street; and
  • Kings Beach.