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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality opens revamped Fountain Road in Walmer

Sep 7, 2017
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality opens revamped Fountain Road in Walmer

Transforming townships into suburbs, that was the vision shared by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Councillor Athol Trollip, as he officially opened Fountain Road in Walmer Township on Thursday.  

Opening a road in the oldest township within the boundaries of Nelson Mandela Bay, the Executive Mayor said the main objective was to increase the access point “gateway” to the area, making it more commuter friendly.

Fountain Road serves as a main access road to Walmer Township and is used mainly by public transport.

The scope for this project was to resurface, realign and upgrade traffic signals, improve the conditions and structure of the road, as well as improve non-motorised transport facilities. The majority of the labour came from the community itself,  through utilising the Extended Public Works Programme. Ten emerging contractors benefited from the project. The cost of this project is around R9 million.

The Executive Mayor emphasizsd the importance of private contractors providing quality service and also completing their respective projects on time.  He also added that every cent spent by the NMBM should reflect in the value and services provided to local communities.

“This road will serve as an important link between Walmer Township and Walmer suburbs and eradicate traffic congestion, thus creating an easy flow of traffic,” added Ward Cllr Ayanda Tyokwana.

“Step by step this Municipality continues to hold on to its promise of providing quality services to the people of this Metro and reaffirms its commitment to turn townships into suburbs” the Executive Mayor concluded.