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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality pumps R50 mil into Missionvale stormwater solution

FEBRUARY 12, 2016
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality pumps R50 mil into Missionvale stormwater solution

The perennial problem of flooding in Missionvale, which has damaged houses and led to poor sanitation and roads, and stormwater challenges will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the R50 million that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has pumped into the area for the implementation and improvement of bulk stormwater, sanitation and civil services.

About 2500 Missionvale homes will be connected to sanitation and water services by the end of April 2016. Work concerning sanitation and water services work is in the final stages of completion. The work undertaken by the Municipality is divided in five phases: all these phases will see sanitation, water services, stormwater infrastructure, construction of a pump station and road construction.

The Municipality did not focus only on the delivery of these services to the people of Missionvale: providing support to emerging contractors has also been key. About 25 SMME contractors have benefited so far, while 98 people have been employed in different capacities.

The area has a relatively flat terrain and is surrounded by salt pans and a high ground water table. During heavy rains, the community of Missionvale experienced challenges around flooding and poor access for cars and public transport. The area used to be a shack area, and the residents had to rely on themselves for services. Currently, electricity has been laid on for them, with water services provided through stand pipes located approximately 200 meters from each household.

"For leadership to come here and make commitments while we already see that there is work happening on the ground is encouraging. It actually tells us as a community that the politicians that we have put into power do not only throw money and leave, they follow up to make sure that quality work is done, within the stipulated timeframes, " said 51-year old community member Thozama Qayiso.

She added that the people of Missionvale were excited about the developments.

"We can now proudly say we are part of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, because we will now also be enjoying the services that are enjoyed in other areas." Qayiso called on community members to protect the service delivery being provided in their area.

As part of the Political Leadership's commitment to oversight and following the money, Infrastructure and Engineering Portfolio Chairperson, Cllr Andile Mfunda, led a team of Infrastructure and Engineering Councillors and officials on a site inspection. During the site inspection, they inspected the progress made, interacted with affected communities, and checked on expenditure to date, employment opportunities created and SMME support.

"I had to come here: we are pumping a lot of money into this area to improve services. It is therefore important that we as politicians who carry the mandate of the people follow the money and see if government work is being done," said Cllr Mfunda.

He added: "Issues of sanitation are serious issues that affect people's dignity. As a political principal mandated by the ANC government, it is my duty to make sure that the dignity of our people here is restored. I am also pleased that the community of Missionvale are working with the Municipality to fast track service delivery".

Cllr Mfunda stated that a strict instruction had been given to officials that all outstanding service delivery issues of Missionvale must be attended to as a matter of urgency.

"Gone are those days when officials will do as they please. Accountability is key for us to be able to deliver on our mandate. I have given them strict deadlines, because the issues of Missionvale are long overdue. Our people have suffered enough," said Cllr Mfunda.

He promised residents that before the end of April he would return to officially open some of the finished projects, together with the broader political leadership, led by Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan.