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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Response To Traffic Officers’ Protest Action

Feb 17, 2015
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Response To Traffic Officers’ Protest Action

Traffic Officers of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality embarked on a protest action on Monday morning at around 8:15 am. The reason for the protest action is an assertion made that traffic officers have not been paid the Sunday Time allowance for a number of years going back to 1997, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's Director of Communications, Roland Williams, said in a statement.
"This matter was highlighted at the beginning of 2014 and thereafter a Task Team inclusive of traffic officers was established to investigate and submit a report to the office of the Executive director: Safety and Security. The Task Team had a huge task and their work was only completed late in December 2014.
"A report was submitted to the ED in December 2014 which was then sent to various directorates for comments and inputs. Furthermore the report was submitted to EXCO and thereafter a number of meetings have been held with Corporate Services including Staff Section, Labour Relations, Task Team members and ED: S&S. Meetings have also been held with Traffic Officers providing information," said Williams.
He said that a meeting held at the beginning of February including the abovementioned role-players agreed that the information supplied by the Task Team will require verification to ascertain the validity of the claim and the amount owed.
"A follow-up meeting with the Task Team members and Staff Section revealed that some of the information was on a redundant Payroll system and a systems request would be necessary to access the information.
"Furthermore it was stated that once the verification of the "claim" has taken place, it will be necessary to submit a report with budget implications inclusive of funding via the set out procedures by council which will culminate in an item going to Council for approval as the payment  involves numerous financial years," said Williams.
"This has been conveyed to all traffic officers who in turn have conveyed that they view the processes as delaying tactics and have not ruled out possible further protest action including the non-availability of traffic officers for all major events with specific reference to the Iron Man.
"The latest feedback is that the money "owed" should be paid by end March or the city will be brought to a standstill.
"From a management perspective the matter is receiving priority and everything is being done to ensure that the matter is dealt with speedily whilst ensuring that all compliance requirements are adhered to."