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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality says Maitlands repairs progressing well

Jun 11, 2015
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality says Maitlands repairs progressing well

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality says that repairs to the Maitlands water pie were progressing well.

"A few weeks ago, we reported that there was a problem at the Maitlands river mouth on the pipe that feeds water from the Churchill Dam to some of Nelson Mandela Bay's reservoirs.

"We issued a precautionary warning to our residents, especially those in the western-most parts that, should we not use water sparingly during the time of the repairs, we could face lower pressure levels and/or no water," Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality director of Communications, Roland Williams, said in a statement.

"We are happy to report that the repairs have been completed, and that during this time, we have received no reports from any of our residents that their water supply was affected.  And this, of course, is thanks to you for having heeded the call to use water sparingly, so that our reservoirs do not run dry."

"We must say that it was 'touch and go' for a short while, as the recent heavy rains and inclement weather hampered our repair programme, to the extent that one of the main reservoirs was at only 10% last night!  But, as they say, all's well that ends well!"

He said that;  

+ The actual pipe repairs were completed at around 23h00 (11pm) last night (Tuesday night).

+ We then had to (re)seal the pipe, and allow for about two-to-three hours for the sealing compound to dry.

+ From about 03:30 this morning (Wednesday morning), we started refilling the pipe.  This, of course, had to be done slowly, so that there are no air blocks and in order to ensure that the system is not compromised.

+ While the refilling of the pipe takes place, we gradually and systematically open the valves.

+ The section of the pipe that was drained (and that is now being refilled) is about 4 kilometres long. The diameter of the pipe is 1,1 metres.

+ The refilling and opening of the valves process will probably be completed by late this afternoon.

+ The Bay's water supply system is an integrated one. After refilling the pipe and opening all the valves, it will take another three days (at the maximum) for the system to be fully recovered and 100% operational. So, we expect the system to be fully recovered by Saturday/Sunday.

"We take this opportunity to thank all our residents for your kind patience and understanding as we attended to the problem. Thankfully, no one was without water during this period, and we are grateful for your conservative use of water which resulted in our reserviors not running completely empty," Williams said.

"Please continue to use water sparingly - it is a precious resource, and South Africa remains a water-scarce region."