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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality still waiting for proposal on Algoa Bay Fish Farm

APRIL 30, 2015
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality still waiting for proposal on Algoa Bay Fish Farm

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's City Manager, Mr Mpilo Mbambisa, on Wednesday confirmed that the municipality was still waiting for the proposal on the Algoa Bay Fish Farm from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Forestry (DAFF), before it could pronounce the municipality's stance thereon.

"We have noted the keen public and stakeholder interest in this matter -- it is therefore important for us that we comprehensively study the fish farm proposal from DAFF, and all its elements and factors, before making a determination as to whether we support the investment or not, in its current form," said Mbambisa.

"To this end, I have requested representation from DAFF, who will hopefully be able to present their proposal to a full sitting of the Executive Mayoral Committee, where my management team will also be present, so that we may be able to interact with the merits and demerits of the proposal."

"Once this happens and proper objective assessments are made of all factors including, but not limited to, local economic development, tourism, aquaculture, and relevant case studies, our Municipality will then provide our input and analysis to DAFF as well as the DEA (Department of Environmental Affairs)."

Mbambisa confirmed that his office had been interacting with the DEA on the Appeals Process. The DEA today convened a stakeholder and public engagement session in the Bay, prior to which they met with Mbambisa.

"Yes, we are interacting with the DEA on this matter - the understanding is that we, as the Municipality, should take about a month in which to receive, engage with and study the DAFF proposal, before submitting our institutional opinion."