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Nelson Mandela Bay New Year celebrations virtually incident-free

Jan 2, 2018
Nelson Mandela Bay New Year celebrations virtually incident-free

As promised, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality delivered on one of the developmental pillars of the current coalition government, of creating a safe City for all.

"We can confirm that the City delivered zero incident New Year celebrations," the Metro said in a statement on Monday.

"A good coordination between the City's directorates made sure that the City not only delivers on a promise made, but delivers the best Summer Season ever."

It said that working under the project management of the Directorate of Sport and Recreation, municipal officials from different directorates went an extra mile to make sure the City is safe, clean and offer the best family orientated summer season entertainment.

"Through Safety and Security Directorate, Metro Police, Traffic Services and Security services the city invested hours of planning and execution to make sure that each and everyone is safe. This success would not have been achieved without good working relations with the SAPS.

"Waste Management under Public Health Directorate made sure that all our beaches are cleaned 24/7 while dedicated teams focused on business district areas across the City including areas like Korsten," the municipality added.

"In all public holidays refuse collection continued as normal.

"Due to influx of thousands of visitors the City anticipated that the Infrastructure would be under pressure."

Dedicated teams from Water, Sanitation and Electricity subdirectorates were all out through out the Summer Season to make sure that there was minimal interruption of services.

"The investment that was put in by renovating facilities in all our beaches paid off as visitors experienced world class experience.

"Commitment of life guards on duty was another key element as some were forced to work until early hours today in beaches like Hobie Beach to make sure that lives were saved," the municipality also described.

"However, of great importance, the good working relations and cooperation between the City and the people of Nelson Mandela Bay was a WINNER.

"The people of Nelson Mandela Bay are the true ambassadors of this City.

"As the City expects people to again flock to our beaches to celebrate the ushering in of the New Year, we call upon everyone to do it responsibly."

Read the full new year weekend stats below:

SUMMER SEASON STATISTICS by Metro Police Chief Yolanda Faro

January 2, 2018

Traffic Violations:

83 x No Driving Licence

48 x Unlicenced motor vehicles

2 x Defective lamps

37 x Permiting unlicenced drivers

28 x Cellphone in hand while driving

24 x Stop causing obstruction

07 x No PrDP

20 x Overloads of passengers

01 x Door open while driving

12 x Park in disabled parking

26 x Park on sidewalk

12 x Disregard red Traffic Light

02 x Learner driver no supervision

14 x Unroadworthy motor vehicle

08 x No number plate

06 x Permit driver without PrDP

01 x Discontinue notice

01 x No overtaking

03 x Fail to turn on headlamp after dark

10 x Unlawful parking

01 x Park at bus stop

13 x Disregard stop sign

03 x Disregard no entry sign

01 x Fail to stop at signal of officer

02 x Not wearing safety belt

02 x Speeding offences

02 x Damaged tyre

01 x Faulty park brake

01 x No operating licence


Accidents attended:



Crime Prevention at following events:

1 × Ebubeleni Music Festival

1 x Internatiinal cricket


New Year Eve Patrols:

Summerstrand and Wells Estate

Willow Dam party



2 x Illegal Number Plates

2 x Dangerous Weapons


Alcohol decanted:

2 x 750ml Whisky

53 x 330ml Smirnoff Spin

17 x 330ml Brutal Fruit

0.5L Brandy

21 x 340 ml Beer

5L x Wine

2 x 750ml Beer

1 x 340ml Hunters Dry



Open fires:

31 extinguished along beach area


Noise pollution:

1 x Taxi at Shark Rock Pier


Missing Children:

4 x Missing Children and all reunited with families.


Illegal Traders:

36 x Illegal traders


Accidents attended:

4 x Accidents


Shotspotter Response:

6 x Shot Spotter incidents, 2 deceased, 2 injured, 1 no injury, 1 negative.


Vagrants removed:

27 x Vagrants removed


Alcohol outlet compliance:

Beershack, White Tiger and Cubana.  Closed at 02.00am due to failure to produce extension letter.


Attacks on cyclist:

None reported during  Metro Police patrol hour of 05:00- 06h00



1 x Dagga

1 x Housebreaking

4 x Drunk driving

NB: All this work has been done in close cooperation and team work with SAPS and all other Safety and Security agencies.