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Nelson Mandela Bay records highest unemployment rate among Metros

MAY 10, 2016
Nelson Mandela Bay records highest unemployment rate among Metros

According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey for Quarter 1 of 2016 that was released by Statistics South Africa on Monday, there was a big jump in the unemployment rate for the Eastern Cape. The Nelson Mandela Bay Metro experienced the highest official unemployment rate of all the metros, going up again, from 30.6% in the previous quarter to 33.2% in Jan-Mar 2016 while the Buffalo City is currently at 24.1%, up from 23.8% in the previous quarter.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape called it a "a bitter blow, the pain of which will be felt in people’s stomachs as they battle to put food on the table".

According to today’s Labour Force Survey, the unemployment rate is up from 27.4% in the fourth quarter of 2015 to 28.6% and the expanded unemployment rate now stands at 44.5%, up from 40.3% in the previous quarter – the largest increase in the country, of 4.2 percentage points.

"The focus of local and provincial government must be to ensure job creation is prioritised.  Our cities and towns must be drivers of job-creating growth.  Local government and provincial government must create an environment where businesses want to invest and entrepreneurs can thrive," said Bobby Stevenson MPL, DA Shadow MEC for Finance.

"We need to make the starting and growing of businesses easier because we know that businesses are the engine of job creation.  They can jump-start our province’s economy and provide the jobs we need to move forward again.

"At local government level, we need to make the changes that will eliminate excessive red tape and ensure rezonings and planning approvals take place speedily.  One-stop shops also need to be set up to assist investors."

He said that the province needs to ensure value for money when it comes to infrastructure spending and wastage does not occur on travel, accommodation and meetings.