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Nelson Mandela Bay recruits 1 700 young people for aggressive IPTS marketing drive

Jun 26, 2018
Nelson Mandela Bay recruits 1 700 young people for aggressive IPTS marketing drive

The Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS) that was launched in the Northern Areas last year is now in full swing. However, commuter numbers remain a challenge.

Led by Mayoral Committee Member for Roads and Transport, Councillor Marlon Daniels, the IPTS office on Tuesday launched a massive community survey and marketing programme.

One thousand seven hundred people have already been recruited through the Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) to be Community Champions.

The programme is aimed at boosting commuter numbers and getting feedback from people of the Northern Areas about the IPTS system and its service so far.

The Community Champions will embark on door-to-door visits in the areas that the current IPTS serves to market the system and get feedback from commuters and potential commuters.

The secondary intention of this project is to create work opportunities for the people of the Northern Areas. The Community Champions are currently undergoing training on marketing, survey information gathering and general interpersonal skills.

Speaking at the launch held at the IPTS Depot in Cleary Park, Councillor Marlon Daniels said: “We have noticed as the Municipality that we are not making headway with regard to the IPTS.

"We are actually running it at a loss. Therefore, to ensure the success of the bus system, we must make drastic changes in how we operate.  This step is the first of many interventions we will embark on to make the IPTS the best in the country."

Roads and Transport Executive Director, Dr Walter Shaidi, said that it was critical for the system to succeed to obtain direct feedback from the people who are using the system and those who are potential users.

"This survey will give us invaluable information that we will directly use to improve our service. This is a system for the future, and the City's economic development will depend on its success".

The Northern Areas route is a pilot phase, with work at preparing the Njoli route already started. The intention of the City by introducing this system is create a transport system that is safe, punctual, reliable and affordable.

The IPTS system is targeted for the regular working class, job seekers and scholars.