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Nelson Mandela Bay residents must join anti-eTolls campaign: AfriForum PE

Jun 2, 2015
Nelson Mandela Bay residents must join anti-eTolls campaign: AfriForum PE

AfriForum Port Elizabeth says Nelson Mandela Bay residents should come out and support a petition that seeks to halt the installation of eTolls in the Western Cape – mostly around Cape Town.

“It’s not about where the E-toll is located, it’s about the fact that corruption caused our government to creating ways to generate more income from the already cash strapped South African consumers just to be mismanaged by them,” says AfriForum PE Vice Chairperson, Kobus Gerber.

“ If you look back at the last 20 years how we are paying now every five years for drivers licence, gun licence, fishing licence, fuel, liquor, cigarettes and many more. The E-toll are just another way of tax on already paid taxes.”

According to the campaigners, if one million people don't register and refuse to pay for e-toll, the entire system will collapse. E-toll cannot prosecute you because they will be restricting your movement which is against your constitutional rights.

Gerber said AfriForum is against the imposition of eTolls on motorists.

“… we basically paying taxes on 1) our income, 2) 14% vat on everything we purchase,  3) on all fuel we filling our vehicles, 4) if we buy liquor, 5) if you smoke on cigarettes, 6) if we go fishing, 7) on toll gates if we travel any more. It simply shows us that our government got no clue how to: 1) plan ahead, 2) stop corruption, 3) stop mismanagement, 4) stop crime and after 21 years, did not discover where the damn the brake of the gravy train is,” he described.

He said that rather than trying to get more money out of citizens, government should instead focus on reducing wasteful expenditure and corruption.

“E-tolls is only the last drop of the overflowing frustration the South African consumers have to face, the government have to stop corruption and mismanagement and hold officials and politicians accountable and jail them including Zuma.

“If corruption and mismanagement stop we won’t only don’t have to face E-toll but many other taxes can be decreased like fuel and electricity which are playing a mayor roll in our economy if it increases,” Gerber said.

The campaign against eTolls in Cape Town can be found on this link >> http://helloweb.co.za/Blog/

Image: kevdieenglesman