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Nelson Mandela Bay small contractors warned to stop selling tenders

Sep 21, 2015
Nelson Mandela Bay small contractors warned to stop selling tenders

The Minister of Human Settlements, Lindiwe Sisulu, on Monday told small contractors and developers in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality to stop selling government housing tenders to big construction companies for quick money for short-term luxuries.

“Government wants to develop you from being CIDB 1 to CIDB 4, the selling of tenders to advanced contractors does not help us in developing contractors for tomorrow, we want hard workers not those who want short term luxuries," said Sisulu.

Minister Sisulu and the Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality, Danny Jordaan, met with local small medium contractors and developers from the Bay to present a package of support to develop small and medium contractors.

Some of these contractors, this year staged several protests in the Metro over late payments and contractsNelson Mandela Bay Deputy Executive Mayor, Bicks Ndoni, and Chief Whip, Cllr Litho Suka, met with their representatives to resolve the issues.

The package responds to the need for training, developing and mentoring of contractors, developing a credible and fair database of suppliers and fast tracking of quality human settlements delivery. The department is aiming to spent around R4.5 billion around housing delivery in the Metro.

"All spheres of Government, National, Provincial and Metro are committed to developing small contractors to become big players in the construction industry.

"We have developed a package of support programmes to be implemented by Human Settlements agencies, National Home Builders Regulatory Council (NHBRC), Housing Development Agency HDA) and all layers of Government to help you with finances and skills development, we are here to help small contractors," Sisulu said.

The Executive Mayor added that the Metro will pay all contractors within the stipulated 30 days.

"The Metro will work hard to pay on time, contractors must ensure that they also do their part, they must meet all our regulations to ensure quality. We are about quality human settlements and fast tracked delivery," said Jordaan.

The more than 400 contractors registered in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro database of builders who attended the workshop committed to the training and support Programme and emphasized their commitment to building quality houses.