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Nelson Mandela Bay SMMEs also want R20 million electricity debt written off

Jul 16, 2015
Nelson Mandela Bay SMMEs also want R20 million electricity debt written off

Port Elizabeth small businesses are reportedly also now seeking to have their electricity debts written off by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality just as it did with the city's 13 high energy users early in July.

Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan, reportedly passed the agreement to reduce the electricity debt of the 13 'high-ranking' businesses as part of R100 million 'motivational' gift.

According to a CityPress article, the agreement formed part of an initiative to smoothen out business relations with the sector, as well as saving the jobs of 3 800 employees who would have faced the chop if the companies had to pay up.

Now the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce (Nafcoc) wants its members’ electricity debts written off by the municipality, saying they are just as entitled to this as high-energy users are.

Nafcoc president, Mnyamezeli Dyalabe, told PE Express that they also want theNelson mandela Bay Municipality to write off the R20 million owed by its members.

“It’s unfair that they release the big industry players and leave us out of that deal. We contribute greatly to the economy of this metro and we cannot survive with these high tariffs imposed on us,” said Dyalabe.

He told the paper that they had on several occasions requested this from the municipality and the local ruling party, but their request had fallen on deaf ears.

“We want the same treatment. We also employ a number of people in these communities. What would they say if we closed shop?” he added.